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We are creative, socially and environmentally conscious individuals and organisations. Connected, we create opportunities to empower those who are more vulnerable in the labour market, with a focus on people with disabilities. Our activities help to discover and promote their potential. We develop activities, services and products for the market. We use local resources and revitalise forgotten and degraded areas.

- With everyone in mind - people, animals and the Earth - we want to show that only natural and quality food is good enough.
- We strive to go back to manual labour, because everything good we create, we create with our own hands.
- People are important because we know that we are all connected. Nature is important, which is why we prioritise organic products and reuse.

That's what we do, Local Gurus.
We give everyone a chance, we respect the Earth and skilled hands, and we believe in people. We are grateful that you are on this journey too!



The Community Sustainable Development Institute provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities. They process quality local raw materials into culinary products in their own facility. They offer handmade vegan biscuits and savoury crackers made with homemade flour, as well as dried fruit and vegetables.


A unique taste of the local and 
diligent hands.


Renkovci 8, 9224 Turnišče
T: +386 40 866 430

JEDRO, Ljutomer, so.p.

The Social Economy Development Institute employs people with disabilities and is involved in agricultural production. They manage their own organic currant orchard and hand-harvest and process ripe apples of old varieties, thus restoring the value of the apples and contributing to the preservation of the old meadow orchards.


Taste the local. Handmade is 
the key to wealth. 


Ptujska cesta 14, 9240 Ljutomer
T: +386 41 746 096

Zaposlitveni center BM, d.o.o. / BM Employment Centre, Ltd.

The Employment Centre provides regular employment opportunities for people with disabilities, offers services to businesses in the surrounding area and creates a line of unique vine products called "MANU". Services include the Green Programme and light production work. By integrating them into an adapted work environment, developing their potential and manual skills, they help to make life more meaningful for people who, due to their circumstances, do not have the opportunity to do so elsewhere.


An opportunity given to the most vulnerable is 
an opportunity won for all.


Zaposlitveni center BM d.o.o.
Ptujska cesta 14, 9240 Ljutomer
T: +386 31 370 751

ZRIRAP, so.p., Beltinci

The Institute for Research and Development of Alternative Practices is a social enterprise that employs people with disabilities. The main activity of the Institute is the cultivation of an organic herb and vegetable garden.The employees have an excellent knowledge of the concepts of organic production and self-sufficiency and they act accordingly. First they produce, then they process. They also produce a line of scented home products and natural soaps and oils.


As grown in nature, enriched only by the energy 
of hard-working hands.


ZRIRAP so.p., Beltinci  
Prekmurska ulica 10, 9231  Beltinci
T: +386 51 322 739

Zaposlitveni center PRIJLIKA, Beltinci / PRIJLIKA Employment Centre, Beltinci

The private institution employs disabled people from the local area who find it difficult to find a job in the mainstream workplace. The primary activity is the provision of services adjusted to the constraints of employees, offered to both natural and legal persons. In addition to services such as office cleaning, landscaping, gardening and light production work, they also offer their own line of handmade products made of wood, fabric and 100% linen.


Linen products as your grandmother used to 
make them - with a modern twist.


Zaposlitveni center PRIJLIKA, Beltinci
Ulica Štefana Kovača 1, 9231 Beltinci
T: +386 51 322 739

Eko-socialna kmetija KOCLJEVINA / Eco-social farm KOCLJEVINA

Training and employment for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups (ethnic minorities, the elderly, people with mental health problems, drug addicts...). Employees receive training in organic farming. They are involved in organic production and processing of crops, fruit, herbs and spices, livestock and dairy farming, seed production and construction.


Organic, without unnecessary interference 
with nature and our food.


KOCLJEVINA – zavod za usposabljanje in zaposlovanje invalidnih oseb
Prosenjakovci 67 c, 9207 Prosenjakovci  
T: +386 31 270 242

Zavod KORAK NAPREJ, Murska Sobota / KORAK NAPREJ Institute, Murska Sobota

Through vocational rehabilitation, the social enterprise enables people with disabilities to get involved in the process of making unique products from fabric, refurbishing clothes and old furniture. In the sewing and carpentry workshop, worn-out objects are given a new look. In their shop you can find second-hand children's clothes and equipment at good prices. They also spread their vision through workshops on social entrepreneurship and re-use, which they run in companies and public institutions such as schools, kindergartens and municipalities.


Restored, reusable, hand-stitched - 
undoubtedly unique!


Zavod Korak naprej Murska Sobota, so.p
Slovenska ulica 34
9000 Murska Sobota
T: +386 68 122 042



The common challenge for the project participants is to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation in rural areas through adapted agricultural practices, the development of new products and services based on the principles of the circular economy and zero waste.

This includes the introduction of social innovation in the field of co-operative works and contracting between social entrepreneurship enterprises employing vulnerable target groups and local producers and providers. The aim of such cooperation is to increase incomes, create green jobs and prevent the abandonment of agriculture in a given area.

We will meet our mitigation and adaptation targets:

  • by forming a "Green Network" and jointly promoting social entrepreneurship, 
  • by improving skills in entrepreneurship and agriculture,
  • by improving agricultural production based on sustainable practices, 
  • by encouraging local self-sufficiency and shortening food chains, -
  • by introducing a circular economy, developing new products and green services, and 
  • by educating and raising awareness on climate change.


The local gurus are part of the "Green Network". It is a voluntary, creative and productive partnership that brings together fourteen organisations from the LAS Goričko, LAS Pri dobrih ljudeh and LAS Prlekija. We work according to the principles of social entrepreneurship and facilitate greater employment of vulnerable target groups. In this way, we pursue our common goals of developing and promoting the social economy and sustainable development.


The environment we live in is important.
It's important to give everyone a chance.
It's important that products are local, high quality and handmade.
That's what we believe in and that's what we do.

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Renkovci 8, 9224 Turnišče
T: +386 40 866 430

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